“Choose one small slice of the planet… and start!” says Linda Edgecombe, CSP, HoF

“Ten years ago, my girlfriend, Michelle Bonneau, was teaching in Nepal and she asked me if I would take some scarves from Nepal and sell them at one of my events. We thought if I raised a few hundred dollars at my events we could rescue a few girls and get them into school.   Since then, I have been selling scarves at every event I speak at to raise money to buy girls in Nepal out of their “bonded labour” contracts and get them an education,” notes Linda Edgecombe.

“The ability to sell scarves at each event is actually written into my contracts when a client asks me to be a part of their conventions and events.  I have been to Nepal several times over that time and the experiences I have had, and photos I have taken have all become part of my messaging when I present.  What I have found is that “people” (our audiences) want to DO SOMETHING, to give back somehow and I offer an inexpensive, very effective opportunity for my audiences to “choose a small slice of the planet.”

“Over the past 10 years, from my scarves, pillow covers and bags I have raised approximately $750,000.  (That’s a LOT of scarves, when they are $20 each). But more importantly, we have educated over 850 girls in schools, educated 900 of their mothers, formed mothers groups who now run themselves, built 12 classrooms and a 3000 foot vocational community center.  Assisted our moms in starting their own manufacturing business, rebuilt several classrooms destroyed in the 2015 Earthquake.  So when you think,  “How can I make a difference?”  You just simply choose one small slice of the planet and start from there.”

Who knows where it will take you?

Thank you Linda Edgecombe, CSP, HoF for showing us to lead with your heart in business. Good things will follow!