Navigating The Way Forward! Speakers Tips on Mental Health and Well being!

CAPS Manitoba hosted an evening of awareness and sharing on Mental Health and Well Being on September 14. Frema Engel, Chair of CAPS Peers Support Program kicked off the evening sharing information on the CAPS Peer Support Program, how it began and where it is today. She shared how the Program works, who are the Peer Support volunteers and the role of the CAPS Cares Advocates in each chapter. This was an evening of sharing with CAPS members Deri Latimer, CSP, Elaine Froese, CSP and Sherri Benson-Podolchuk sharing their stories of events in their life that impacted their mental health and well being. These stories while all different provided the audience with an awareness of the impact of life’s challenges on their lives and how each of these speakers has moved forward and what they have learned along the way. A short conversation cafe was conducted with those present involving a powerful question posed to each table to discuss on the impact of individual mental health and mental health in the community. A conversation cafe is a way for participants to have a voice in discussion around important topics and then share out a summation of their discussion to the larger audience. The event closed with a mindfulness exercise. The feedback from the participants was an appreciation for making space at CAPS for this important discussion.