Suzannah Baum, Non-Verbal displays of the candidates during English language


  Suzannah Baum on CityTV Montreal to discuss the body language and non-verbal displays of the candidates in the Quebec provincial election [English] debate.   

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Suzanna Baum, Public Speaking & Presentation skills expert interviewed on Global TV Montreal on how to ease anxiety about public speaking


This piece originally aired August 21, 2014 on Global TV, Montreal. It features Suzanna Baum, Public speaking and presentation skills expert, helping dispel some myths, as well as giving those who don’t speak publicly often, tips on how to do so with confidence. You might not be too familiar with the term “glossophobia” but fear… Continue reading

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Jason Finucan, Inspirational speaker on mental health, empowers others through experience with mental illness


This piece originally appeared in The Suburban, Quebec’s largest English weekly newspaper, on Dec 16, 2015. By Mike Cohen. Link here to read it on their site. Empowering others through experience with mental illness St. Lazare’s Jason Finucan first experienced the symptoms of clinical depression in 2003, at a time in his life when he… Continue reading

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