Michael Kerr, author of The Humor Advantage, Explains Why Some Businesses Are Laughing to the Bank, on Breakfast Television


Canadian Hall of Fame keynote speaker, international business speaker, and author of The Humor Advantage, Michael Kerr shares some thoughts on how businesses are branding themselves as attractive places to work and building more inspiring, creative and customer-focused workplace cultures by leveraging their humor resources and laughing all the way to the bank. In this… Continue reading

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Mary Charleson explains the hazards of living in a social media bubble on CBC’s The 180 with host Jim Brown


While many pollsters called the fall 2016 US election wrong, CAPS member Mary Charleson saw something out of step on social media that lead her to write a feature for the Huffington Post predicting a Trump win. That media article scored her an interview on CBC’s national radio program The 180 with Jim Brown following… Continue reading

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Grant Ainsley joins Bloomberg Canada TV to critique how United Airlines handled public relations recently


When United Airlines came under fire for recent mishandling of an overbooked flight, they received a lot of negative publicity and social media coverage. Media Trainer and speaker, Grant Ainsley joined Bloomberg TV by Skype on April 13 to help understand best practices when dealing with the media during crisis events, and what we can… Continue reading

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Suzannah Baum chats with Global Morning News Montreal about Oscars speeches


Public Speaking Coach, and CAPS member Suzannah Baum joined Global morning news the morning after the 2017 Oscars for a discussion on the highlights from a public speaking perspective, and what there was to be learned. Reflecting on her coaching expertise in the area of speaking, she helped viewers understand what was done well, and… Continue reading

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Suzanna Baum, Public Speaking & Presentation skills expert interviewed on Global TV Montreal on how to ease anxiety about public speaking


This piece originally aired August 21, 2014 on Global TV, Montreal. It features Suzanna Baum, Public speaking and presentation skills expert, helping dispel some myths, as well as giving those who don’t speak publicly often, tips on how to do so with confidence. You might not be too familiar with the term “glossophobia” but fear… Continue reading

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