Laurie Flasko on Breakfast Television Toronto shares her expertise on how to help your children with rising rates of bullying


It was great to see CAPS member Laurie Flasko featured on Toronto’s Breakfast TV during Bullying Awareness Week recently. She shared her own personal story as a parent in helping her daughter through bullying challenges, along with adding her professional insights as an expert and speaker in this area. According to World Health Organization, Canada… Continue reading

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Beverly Beuermann-King works the media with her message about the importance of sleep and rest for productivity


Beverly has been making the media rounds lately advocating for awareness of the importance of a good nights sleep. Quoted in a multiple feature program on Global News entitled Waking up early, are there benefits of being a morning person?, King notes the importance of morning routines. “What people do with their morning hours can… Continue reading

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Suzannah Baum, Non-Verbal displays of the candidates during English language


  Suzannah Baum on CityTV Montreal to discuss the body language and non-verbal displays of the candidates in the Quebec provincial election [English] debate.   

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David Papp, Online security expert, speaks to Global TV in Edmonton about protecting your data + what the GDRP means for you in Canada


Protecting you data Huge data breaches have become disturbingly more common these days. David Papp, a guest on Global TV Edmonton back in February, spoke about some of the issues facing online users and how to protect yourself. David noted that last year there were  146 million effected worldwide in the Equifax data breach alone,… Continue reading

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Barb Stuhlemmer interviewed on Rogers TV Viewpoint about turning employees into entrepreneurs


Barb Stuhlemmer was interviewed on Rogers TV Viewpoint about the mindset involved in being an entrepreneur versus an employee. The interview featured a passionate discussion around career, family, lifestyle and life balance, as it related to females in business, and the challenges women face. 85% of businesses these days are started by women. The discussion… Continue reading

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