Hair today, gone tomorrow…

If you saw me at the Edmonton convention, you would have seen me sporting my new ‘haircut’ – in razor talk it’s called the #2!

Less than a week prior to convention I had my long dark hair shaved off, live on stage, in front of 350 people. To say it was an emotional evening would be an understatement (you can watch the ‘procedure’ here if you are interested… http://www. back/).

For a little back story, I had decided that I wanted to do a major fundraiser to benefit our Children’s Hospital – although we raise money monthly through the business for various causes, I wanted to do something big. I just had this feeling – you know that feeling –  that ‘my people’ would pay money to watch me lose all my hair and I was right. Even though people thought I was crazy (ier!), that I wouldn’t do it, that I didn’t have to do it, they showed up and they payed up to the tune of $16, 800, more money than I could ever have imagined raising with one single act.

Though the shave only took minutes, dealing with the aftermath was a much longer process. From dealing with the ‘poor dear’ looks of pity early on when people thought I must be ill, to the realization that my nearly new website was completely out of date because I looked so different, to the fact that  fact even now 7 months later waking up as a pixie haired blond in the mirror still shocks me. Every morning is a new adventure with this hair!

Still gratitude prevails. I was not sick. My body was not fighting an illness. I save about 30 minutes of time each morning not having to do my hair. We got a boatload of money for sick kids. My community support is phenomenal.  And of course, The Hub gets to sleep with a blond!

We make money from our words, from our presence, from our style. People pay us a lot of money to do what we love. It is as they say the privilege of the platform. With privilege comes responsibility and I believe we can use our notoriety, our popularity, our fame, our…fill in your own word here…to better our community and our world.

Some months after the shave my hairdresser commented on my ‘bravery’ to do such an act. She said most people won’t even change the part in their hair, let alone shave all their hair off. Hmmm. I felt an immediate blog post coming. Change your part. It’s not just about hair. It’s about changing (or elevating) the part you play in the world, locally or globally. It’s about using your success for good. It’s about using what (and/or who) you have to band together to do more as a team than you could have done alone.

Imagine me shaving my head in a big empty room. No impact, no money, no use.

And as with most things that we do for others, the law of reciprocity kicks in and we get way more back in the process. It may not have been easy  but I’m still reaping unexpected rewards.

So only one question remains…what will you do to change or elevate your part?  #CAPSCARES