If you are an expert who speaks and you are looking for a community of your peers you should explore CAPS. If you want to learn from world-class experts, share your own successful initiatives and grow your business you should belong to Canada’s leading association of professional speakers.

Currently, there are three National membership categories for which you may apply.

Professional Membership – Any individual shall be eligible for Professional membership in the Association

  • Has received at least $50,000 (CDN) in revenue using the spoken word to audiences of three or more in the previous 12-month period

Supplier Membership – Any individual or company shall be eligible for Supplier membership in the Association

  • Is a Speakers Bureau(s); or a
  • Supplier of materials, equipment or services to professional speakers.

GSF Dual Membership – Any individual shall be eligible for GSF Dual membership in the Association

  • Any Member in good standing of a GSF (Global Speakers Federation) Member Association, outside of CAPS, that meets the minimum Professional Member criteria, may become a Dual Member upon application and payment of dues;
  • This membership category is not available to members whose primary residence is Canada.

To determine if you qualify for a CAPS membership visit our membership Q & A section for more details.

  • If you’re currently speaking as part of your job and are considering a full time career as a professional speaker, there is no better place to be. We provide programs, information, and access to fellow experts on a regular and local basis anywhere in Canada.

  • If you’re just starting out on a speaking career or do not meet the requirements for membership, we have an “emerging speaker“ training program called CAPS Speaker Academy. More info can be found at www.capsacademy.ca.

  • Suppliers also have an important role in our association. If you’d like to apply for membership as a provider to the speaking industry, we invite you to fill out an application.