President’s Message – November 2016

Are You Reading This?

Your National Board has heard something several times this year…the message is that most CAPS members do not read KeyNotes (the very publication you are reading right now!!). That is distressing to us if it is true. A great deal of time and energy goes into creating and disseminating this information to you. We want to be sure that you are informed, that you are ‘in the know’ about what is going on in your professional association, that you are picking up what we are putting down (is that last one too 1970’s??).

We currently have a Communications Council assembled that is being tasked to look into why, how, what, and when we should communicate with you, our valued members.

So, this is a test. Are you reading this?

Soon, we will all be gathered at our National Convention, the premiere event for professional speakers in this country. I am fortunate to be able to have a table reserved at the front of the room – a prime spot for learning from our main stage experts….real up close and personal! I certainly do not want to be there by myself…so, this is where you come in.

IF you like sitting at the front of the room…

IF you are prepared to take a few minutes of your time…

IF you actually ARE reading this…

Then, ‘Tweet for a Seat’!!

Tweet to @cdnspeakers @derilatimer #weareone #capsconvention2016 and share what ‘We Are One’ means to you. Just one sentence – even one word.

Simple, right?

The deadline is Friday, November 25th. I’ll email you back by the 29th and let you know which plenary session will have a seat waiting for you!

See you in Edmonton!


Tweet for a Seat – up front at the 2016 CAPS National Convention!

Deri Latimer, CSP
2016 CAPS National President