CAPS Montreal doesn’t just “go” to Convention… We ROCK it!

Another Convention has passed, and it’s fair to say that the 2017 CAPS Convention in Edmonton will be remembered as an extremely fun-filled, enriching, rewarding and learning experience. But beyond that, what will also be remembered is how each and every CAPS Montreal member went beyond simply ATTENDING Convention…they left an important and lasting impact.

Want to know how? Check out this impressive list of how our members contributed:

  • Glynis Devine MacDavid — Foundation Chair and President’s Gala emcee. Not only did Glynis work tirelessly for the whole year putting on an exceptional Foundation evening (complete with live auction, silent auction, coordination of an outstanding hypnosis show by Wayne Lee, karaoke, and tons of candy), she always had a smile on her face while doing it. The Foundation raised an amazing $25,000 from this night alone! And if that wasn’t enough, she emceed the President’s Gala the night after – making us laugh, making us do a mannequin challenge (possibly the biggest one in the world on Facebook Live, with 220+ people…check it out!), and making us hope that she comes back next year!
  • Marc-Antoine Plourde – He was one of the hosts of this year’s Rising Stars (where he was a candidate last year), and he put his voice to good use to sing for us at Foundation night. He’s our very own crooner, and the ladies were swooning!
  • Bernard Landreville – Our dear Bear took lots of time researching the best wines, spirits, and champagnes from the most fertile wine regions in the world to fill up the cellier, for auctioning off at the Foundation night (and it netted $1800 for the Foundation!)
  • Suzannah Baum – Suzannah was recognized with the CAPS Ambassador of the Year Award, for bringing in the most new members to the association in 2016. Suzannah’s consistent track record as one of the top CAPS Ambassadors year after year is a point of pride for CAPS Montreal!
  • Carlos Zepeda Chehaibar – Carlos very generously donated an animation creation that brought the Foundation $1900!! As a brand new member to CAPS Montreal, that’s exceptional generosity! He also took over the piano from the very surprised musician at the gala evening, who asked for volunteers to come up to “try” the piano. Carlos didn’t just try, he kicked the musician right out of his seat and took over!
  • Toni Newman, HoF – CAPS National President 2015, CAPS National Past President in 2016, past CAPS Montreal President, panelist for the Rising Stars segment, and mentor to so many, Toni has now officially finished her time on the CAPS National board. But we suspect that they won’t let her get too far away…
  • Nabil Doss – Mr. Elegance himself…. Global Speakers Federation President, past CAPS National President, past CAPS Montreal President, and panelist for the Rising Stars segment. Does this man ever slow down??
  • Mark Morin – Our behind-the-scenes superstar and his company Strategies Marketing was responsible for much of the work done towards creating the fantastic CAPS Convention website. And he can really rock a feather boa!
  • Lorne Kelton – One of the deep thinkers in CAPS Montreal, Lorne has officially completed a 2-year mandate on the National board, having led the major membership survey sent out in 2016. Thanks to Lorne, the results from this survey will help the National board better direct their plans and initiatives in the future.
  • Jason Finucan – Our Chapter’s Rising Star, Jason represented CAPS Montreal extremely well during this well-attended session. He was also a source of great entertainment at Wayne Lee’s hypnosis show. Ask him about which musical instruments he likes to play, and if he’ll sprinkle sleeping dust on you!
  • Patrick Leroux, CSP, HoF – Our newest Hall of Famer (awarded in 2015), Patrick was on stage to introduce the great Vince Poscente, renowned past Olympian and superstar speaker.
  • Liliana deLeo – One of our newest members, who graced us with her karaoke prowess at Foundation night, and who spent most of the Convention telling everyone how happy she was to have joined, and how she totally “GETS IT” about how awesome CAPS is.
  • Jasmin Bergeron – Our newly-crowned designated CSP was up on stage introducing Corey Perlman .
  • Steven Long – Most of our members met Steven, our extremely brand new member, AT Convention. And for those of us who had a chance to chat with him, we can’t wait to get to know him better!

Is CAPS Montreal an awesome Chapter or what??