Mary Charleson, CSP, Marketing & media expert interviewed by CBC TV about “marketing fails”

Published on Dec 31, 2014
This piece was originally published by CBC TV Dec 31, 2014. Mary Charleson adds a Vancouver spin to “Marketing Fails 2014” at the 2:39 minute mark. Interviewed by Renee Filippone, CBC Vancouver 5pm news anchor, on Dec 29, the spot features CBC National correspondent Dianne Buckner’s take on the Apple/U2 album release fiasco, the Coors Light rescue box traffic snarl, Lenova’s mispriced computer, Target inventory issues and Malaysia Airlines inappropriate bucket list contest after loosing two planes in 2014. Mary Charleson adds a local spin offering up public relations advice for messaging during a massive BC Transit failure, Lululemon being an easy target for sunscreen criticism on their mantra bag after the too sheer pant fiasco, and how Air Canada’s #rouged sticky brand name trended on Twitter for all the wrong reasons.
Link here to an article about the top 10 wall of fame and wall of shame.