What members are saying about CAPS…

When I became a member of CAPS the first time several years ago, I paid the membership fee and then did nothing. I didn’t go to any meetings. I didn’t go to convention. I didn’t in-teract with members. And I didn’t see the value in CAPS so I cancelled my membership. I didn’t get it.

Two years later, after a very successful colleague told me that I “needed to be a member”, I joined again. This time I did things differently. I went to convention. I got to some meet-ings. I interacted with several fellow members, and guess what? I started to see the tre-mendous value of CAPS.

Now I’m on our local board and have filled several volunteer roles. I will continue to be as involved as I can be. Why? Because the value of CAPS is not the logo on my website, it’s the ASSOCIATION.  The opportunity to learn from incredible experts and the chance to build lasting friendships with incredible colleagues is invaluable to my business and my life.

One of my favourite resources is the CAPS Facebook page. The ability to ask questions and get feedback from colleagues has been really helpful, and when I can, I’m also able to help my colleagues there too which is great.

Mark Black, CSP
CAPS Atlantic