Resilience … bouncing back when hardship hits

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Resilience … bouncing back when hardship hits

Few among us have sailed blissfully through life year after year without being blindsided by some kind of adversity.  A single misfortune, a medical challenge for ourselves or for a family member or a family crisis can quickly turn our orderly, pleasant world upside down.  How successfully we get through the situation depends on our resilience.  

Resilience is that incredible quality that allows us to be hit and knocked down by life and be able to bounce back, even stronger than we were before.  Rather than let themselves become defeated by life’s hardships, resilient people find a way to move forward and to turn a negative experience into a positive, even enriching one.

Resilience will be a hot topic at the CAPS Convention in Halifax when Eileen McDargh takes to the stage with her energizing, motivating and inspiring talk about Resilience.    

For now, continue reading the article by Frema Engel, Chair of CAPS Peer Support Program for some thoughts and tips to build your resilience.

Remember as well, that if you’re going through one of life’s many difficult challenges, you don’t have to do it alone.  A CAPS Peer Support Program Volunteer can help you regain your resilience by listening, brainstorming ideas and sharing resources and strategies.   When you speak with a PSP volunteer you will be surprised by how meaningful and helpful just one conversation will be for you.  

CAPS Peer Support Program is CONFIDENTIAL. Our members are using it.  You can too.  Just reach out.  Contact us at:

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Adrian Davis
Communications Chair, CAPS Foundation
Remember that CAPS Peer Support Program Volunteers are available to listen and support you.