Heather Moyse on Global TV demonstrates team leadership and giving back in her bid for a 4th Olympic run

Three time Olympian bobsledder, and CAPS member Heather Moyse was featured on Global TV talking about her return to the track and a bid for her 4th Olympic run for the 2018 Winter Olympics. With a depth of knowledge and experience she realized it was a leadership roll that she could contribute to younger members of the team that brought her back to the track. An outstanding athlete, inspiring speaker, and a gal that makes her country proud, we are thrilled to see Heather once again in the spotlight.

Here’s a quick introduction to the Global TV segment, but we encourage you to read and watch the entire interview, with a link posted below.

Three months into her comeback two-time Olympic gold medalist Heather Moyse is pushing near personal best times while also pushing the age of 40. Kevin Smith talks to Moyse about her chances to compete in her fourth Olympic games.


Three months ago Heather Moyse came out of retirement to try to qualify for the 2018 Winter Olympic Games that are now just three months away.

At the mid-way point in her training, the two-time Olympic gold medalist brakeman is over the hump but certainly not over the hill. In fact, this week the 39-year-old pushed a training start one one-hundredth of a second off her personal best. Read the entire news feature and watch the segment HERE.

And as if making a 4th bid to the Olympics and being interviewed on Global TV wasn’t enough to cap off her week, Heather’s book, Redefining Realistic, is now shipping.


Congratulations Heather! The entire CAPS team is behind you, and we’ll be cheering from the sidelines!