President’s Message October 2015

Well, pinch my pincers. That nice Toni Newman asked me – Lola – to say a few words about the Halifax convention. 

But first let me say I’m positively blushing with pride at being the official mascot for the convention. Last time anyone offered me a starring part it was a very different kind of role – a lobster roll. 

So where shall we start. Well, there’s Jack Canfield. Now as a lobster, I’m not very keen on anything that involves a can. But Mr Canfield – well for him I’m making an exception. Really, you don’t have to live at the bot-tom of the sea to know he’s a big fish. Book now for his pre-convention workshop and keynote.

I’ve already checked-in for Mike Lipkin’s Checklist of Champions. And all my ten legs are a-tingle to Embrace Emotion with Deri Latimer. That Deri – she’s got Lola’s sort of style.

And what about the Deep Dives? That’s Lola’s kind of action. If you want the best stuff, you have to dive deep. Come and submerge yourself in Internet Marketing & Social Media or Writing & Publishing or Platform Skills or Training.

And there’s so much more: great speakers, great learning, great network-ing. If you want to stand out in a sit-down world (like Jason Hewlett will show us) you need to get cracking and get yourself booked for a great convention. 

Come on over to Halifax and make a splash in Canada’s ocean play-ground. 

I’m waiting for you, Lola.