President’s Message – April 2015

On behalf of the CAPS National Board, I wanted to take this opportunity to announce an exciting new CAPS member benefit – the CAPS Expert Accelerator Series.

As you know, one of the greatest benefits of belonging to CAPS is the opportunity to learn from some of the best in the biz.  Our wonderful community is brimming with experts who generously share their wisdom with their fellow members. The type of wisdom that can help you learn more about what it takes to be successful in this industry so that you can grow your business.

Over the years many of our members have told us they want more access more often to this kind of expertise and CAPS National has responded by creating the CAPS Expert Accelerator Series – a series of 24 short, content rich videos created by some of the most successful speakers and experts that CAPS has to offer.

The topics for the videos have been strategically chosen to provide maximum value for members at all stages of their career and business. Topics such as

The best technology to build and manage your business
Writing a book – the why and how

  1. The evolution of a profitable business model
  2. Defining and building your unique expertise
  3. Working internationally
  4. Sales Mastery
  5. Converting your knowledge into content that you can sell
  6. Advanced platform skills
  7. How to create a value based fee structure
  8. Tax planning and revenue Canada
  9. How to get started with your CSP

And many more…

(We welcome any suggestions that you may have for topics for the series. Please email them to us at [email protected] and put CAPS Expert Accelerator Series in the subject line.)

So how will this work? Starting later this spring (we are still working on the final details of the launch date and will let you know as soon as we have it), every new CAPS member will receive one value packed CAPS Expert Accelerate Series video in their inbox every month for the first 24 months of their membership. (Talk about adding value to the membership!)

But this isn’t just a benefit for new members.  As loyal CAPS members, when the project is launched, you too will receive one CAPS Expert Accelerator Series for the next 24 months of your membership! (Please note that you must be a member in good standing to receive the CAPS Expert Accelerator Series videos.)  In addition, the videos will be housed on a member only access portal so that all members can consult the videos as often as they wish.

Many of these top CAPS experts charge thousands of dollars for their time and so it would be difficult to even begin to estimate the value of the entire series. However, even
speaking conservatively, the estimated value of the 24 videos combined would easily be over $20,000.

So, check your inbox for your first CAPS Expert Accelerator Series video coming later this spring and above all, don’t forget to share this new CAPS benefit with any prospective CAPS members that you might meet.

Thank you for being part of our community.

Learn, Share, Grow, Belong.

Because We Believe in you…