Annual Renewal Year 2…. A success

Our second annual April 1 renewal campaign was a great success.  We are grateful to you  – our CAPS family – for stepping up and signing up by April 1 and continuing to demonstrate your belief in the CAPS community.  Both the National and the local chapter boards look forward to continuing to serve you, while we work together to bring even more value to your membership.

As of April 15 the renewal numbers are looking great. Not only did over 200 members receive our Early Bird Basket of Benefits because they renewed their membership by March 20, we also had over 40 members take advantage of the new opportunity to renew their membership for 3 or 5 years.  To those Big Believers, we say a special thank you for your continuing support and commitment.

Did we get as many renewals as we had hoped? No. But truth be told, we had set our sights incredibly high.  And as important as it is to understand why some of our members chose not to renew, it is equally as important to celebrate those that did.  So thank you to all of you – our CAPS community Believers!
That being said, the National Board will be conducting interviews with many of our non-renewed members so that we can better understand what CAPS needs to do to attract, keep and engage more qualified CAPS members more often.  We look forward to sharing our findings with the chapter Presidents at the Leadership Summit in September so that they can then take that information back to their chapters and integrate it accordingly.

If you are planning to renew but for some reason haven’t completed the process, we welcome you to so before May 30.  Unfortunately, any memberships that are not renewed by that date will be considered expired and all membership privileges will cease.  As per our new renewal policy, certain conditions apply to renewals during the month of May. Please consult this link for details.
Thank you for contributing to the success of our second annual CAPS membership renewal campaign.
Because We Believe…

Suzanne F, Stevens, SP