Novelogics Biotechnology Inc.

Elaine Allison, CSP and her partner Dr. I. Wayne Cheney, PhD, who has 26 years of experience in the industry and is a drug discovery scientist, co-founded Novelogics Biotechnology Inc. in 2013 to begin work on a novel approach which has involved the discovery and development of an antibody immunotherapy drug for treating cancer. Their approach has been dedicated to not making patients sick to get better. Most current treatments by way of surgery (cut it out), radiation (burn it out) and chemotherapy (poison it), can harm or kill good cells with the bad, often making a patient sick before they get better. In addition, unlike antibody drugs that attach directly to tumors their proprietary “antibody immunotherapy” acts as an “interceptor” of unattached immunosuppressive proteins that have the capacity to shut down critical cancer-killing immune cells. The drug is specifically designed to enable effective restoration of immune cells and to limit further immune suppression, thereby facilitating safe treatment of cancer patients and extending their survival times.

Novelogics is a non-traditional, and capital efficient “virtual” Biotech company. They have outsourced all lab research to experts globally, under the direction of Dr. Cheney. Novelogics’ has been funded by the founders, family and friends, and by way of Government contributions for scientific research. Elaine has limited her speaking practice to dedicate resources, time and knowledge to further the company while they continued to conduct the research. They have recently had great success reaching a major milestone in demonstrating a reduction in tumor size in a prostate cancer model. They are moving out of the research phase and beginning the next steps of drug development to drive it towards clinical trials.


Elaine Allison, CSP
Co-Founder, VP Business Development
Novelogics Biotechnology Inc.