Experts list for MEDIA

CAPS members are subject area experts who speak professionally. Our CSPs (Certified Speaking Professionals) and HOFs (Hall of Fame) recipients are among the top in the speaking field. They are not only experts in their field of knowledge, but deeply experienced industry speakers used to being behind the microphone or camera. They make for an easy interview and guaranteed quality soundbites and quotes. Listed below are our CSPs and HOFs from across Canada, along with their subject area and contact details. Regions where they reside are indicated in case you are seeking an in person interview.

Elaine Allison, Customer Service Expert (Vancouver), [email protected] / cell: 604-723-7774

Kristin Arnold, Team Leadership Expert (Atlantic), [email protected] / cell: 480-399-8489

Pierre Battah, Workplace Leadership Expert (Atlantic), [email protected] / cell: 506-863-4945

Michael Bayer, Quality Assurance Expert (Manitoba), [email protected] / cell: 501-762-2462

Jim Beaubien, Workplace Relations Expert (Edmonton), [email protected] / cell: 780-438-3899

Jasim Bergeron, Leadership and Engagement Expert (Montreal), [email protected] / 514-978-0795 (bilingual)

Beverly Beuermann-King, Mental Health & Resiliency Expert (Toronto), [email protected] / cell: 705-934-5464

Mark Black, Passion and Purpose Expert – Youth & Adults (Atlantic), [email protected] / cell: 506-878-0492

Michelle Cederberg, Life & Work Energy expert (Calgary), [email protected] / cell: 403850-5589

Mary Charleson, Marketing Expert (Vancouver region), [email protected] / cell: 604-720-5607

Helen Dyrkacz, Productivity Expert (Manitoba), [email protected] / cell: 204-807-2311

Stephane Simard, Employee Engagement Expert (Montreal), [email protected] / cell: 514-567-3664 (bilingual)

Stephanie Staples, Life & Vitality Expert (Vancouver Island) [email protected] / cell: 204-227-2165

Michelle Ray, Leadership Expert (Vancouver) [email protected] / cell: 604-315-6508

Michael Stanleigh, Leadership & Innovation (Toronto), [email protected] / cell: 416-301-1051

Sami Jo Small, 3-Time Olympian & Motivation (Toronto), [email protected] / cell: 416-524-7625

Eileen Pease, Brain at Work Expert (Halifax) [email protected] / cell: 902-483-5700

Sid Ridgley, Ideal Workplace Expert (Toronto), [email protected] / cell: 647-880-4743

Rhonda Scharf, Developing Administrative Excellence, (Ottawa), [email protected] / cell: 613-850-0350

Sunjay Nath, Human Performance Expert, (Toronto) [email protected] / cell: 905-466-4270

Laurie Flasko, Customer Service Expert (Toronto) [email protected] / cell: 289-968-0968

Elaine Froese, Farm Family Coach & Transition Expert (Manitoba), [email protected] / 204-534-7466

Ghislaine Labelle, Leadership Expert (Montreal), [email protected] / 514-990-2264 (bilingual)

Deri Latimer, Resilience Expert (Manitoba), [email protected] / 204-999-4863

Randall Craig, Social Media and Digital Expert, (Toronto), [email protected] / cell: 416-256-7773 ex 101

Merge Gupta-Sunderji, Leadership Expert, (Alberta), [email protected] / cell: 403-605-4756

Donald Cooper, Management Marketing and Profitability Expert, [email protected] / cell: 416-252-3703

Adrian Davis, Strategic Selling Expert, (Toronto), [email protected] / cell: 416-816-4770

Toni Newman, Strategic Innovation Expert (Montreal), [email protected] / cell: 514-219-6676 (bilingual)

Michael Kerr, Humour and Workplace Culture Expert, (Alberta), [email protected] / cell: 403-609-1397

Patricia Katz, Well-Being Strategist, (Saskatchewan), [email protected] / cell: 306-934-1807

Joseph Sherren, International Business Transformation Specialist (Atlantic), [email protected] / cell: 905-252-3434

Sarah McVanel-Viney, Leadership & Recognition Expert (Southern Ontario), [email protected] / cell: 289-929-2625