New CAPS National Website is now LIVE!

2016-05-09 10_13_48-Program Manager

We said it would be ready in the Spring, and we are excited to announce the NEW CAPS National Website is now live! The site is totally new and we are excited to share it with you, our CAPS members.

We have designed it for 3 groups of users:

  1. CAPS members
  2. Potential CAPS members
  3. People looking to hire a CAPS member to speak

The new website includes a number of new features:

  • A drop down menu above the sliders provides access to a wealth of CAPS information, making almost everything easily accessed from the landing page (and just one click away)
  • Sliders that feature images that reinforce the CAPS Advantage: Learn, Share, Grow, Belong
  • A section designed for our 3 target groups; Members, Prospective Members and those seeking to hire speakers
  • The National President’s Message and the Expert Accelerator Series are both on the landing page. You will note the Expert Accelerator Series is only available to CAPS members. This is such valuable content it is maintained as a privilege of membership.
  • A section to highlight the CSPs and HoFs of the Association
  • Better exposure for our CAPS sponsors

The Member section is easily accessed and provides a more comprehensive and satisfying experience. We have developed the new website to be a seamless transition from the old site so your existing password will remain the same. If you don’t know or remember your CAPS website login we suggest that you try your email address and last known password.  If that doesn’t work click on “Forgot my password” to receive a password reset email.

Everything you need to get the most out of your CAPS membership is available when you log in. There is also information only available to members who log in. One example of this, as indicated earlier, is the Expert Accelerator Series. The link is on the landing page but a person has to be signed in as a member to take advantage of this fantastic content.

Did you know we now have posted speaking opportunities, which is another privilege of membership? These are posted by potential clients looking for speakers and you are only able to access it after you have logged in as a member. CAPS will continue to work with partners to ensure there are more of these for CAPS members to review. We encourage you to check it often!

Visit the new CAPS website and have a look around.

We have worked countless hours to put us in a position to launch a new website. Similar to everything CAPS this is the result of many hours from a dedicated group of member volunteers and the talented people at the CAPS National office.  As with any website launch we could experience some issues.  If you do discover anything that does not work properly please contact:

Anthony Nijmeh. His email is [email protected]