President’s Message: Contribute. Consume. Co-Create – July 2016

We Are One. I know, you’ve heard that from me before. You’ve also heard me reference the idea that we all make up this system (ecosystem) that is CAPS…we contribute to it and we consume from it.

In order to thrive, every system needs regular nutrition, regular contribution. We will, literally, cease to exist without it.

Are you contributing as well as consuming?

There are various ways to contribute to CAPS. Many of you choose a National or Chapter Board role, others jump in to help at National and Chapter events, and still others take on special projects. We all benefit from your nutrition and energy; and we are grateful to you!

There’s another, new way to contribute to CAPS…and by contributing in this way, you are also adding value to your clients!

If you were at the 2015 Convention in Halifax (I just had a flashback … that sure was fun!!), you remember that a part of the vision for 2016 is to focus on increasing the ‘outward face’ of CAPS; to increase our presence in the marketplace, and to position CAPS as the ideal place to look for Experts Who Speak Professionally.

We’re more active on Twitter, we’ve got a new LinkedIn Company page, we launched a CSP promotion campaign, and we have started a dialogue about developing a CAPS Facebook Page and YouTube Channel.

We also wanted to create more opportunities for ‘buyers’ (organizations, associations, meeting planners, etc.) to access the very best resources for their events….that’s you, our members, of course!

If you have not already noticed on our new website, it is now very clear that clients can post their events on the CAPS website. From our home page, clients can see this button:

Then, when they click on that button, they see this:


And when they click on Post Your Next Event, they see this:


So…how will knowing this help you provide more value for your clients? You can tell them about it! Since they’ve engaged you and know just how incredible you are, they’ll be encouraged to post their next event on the website of your professional association and get access to a plethora of expertise and eloquence for all of their events.

This great resource for buyers will only be a benefit for all of us if each of us contributes to it.  Encourage your clients, and potential clients, to post their events on the CAPS website! Also, take a moment to tweet that this resource is now available to anyone seeking Experts Who Speak Professionally; we might even attract some people that we did not know we are potential clients!

We Are One
Contribute. Consume. Co-Create