Jeanne Martinson shares with CBC radio, her Leadership Lessons from Downtown Abbey

“I try to find kind of unique ways, and metaphors and stories to highlight … core ways of leading in the workplace,” Jeanne Martinson, the co-author of the new book Leadership Lessons from Downton Abbey, said in an interview with CBC Radio on Thursday.

CAPS member, Jeanne Martinson has written numerous books, but her most recent one, co-authored with her sister, utilized lessons from the popular British program Downtown Abbey, to introduce each chapter on leadership. Noting the show offers many examples of how NOT  to interact with people in the workplace, it was the perfect gateway to introduce concepts, but of course garner some associated recognition and publicity.

You can read the entire article based on the CBC radio interview HERE.

We’re just thrilled to see yet another CAPS member and expert in their field profiled in the media. Congratulations Jeanne!