Marc Gordon offers his opinion to City TV about the TTC #Thisiswhere security campaign and APP

CAPS member Marc Gordon is no stranger to the Toronto media. In this segment he offers his expert marketing opinion on the TTC’s recent security campaign centered around transit posters and social media using the #Thisiswhere hashtag. The TTC has embarked on a campaign meant to increase awareness and security through the use of a new APP to report threats and issues that users encounter while on transit. While the TTC reports positive results, Gordon (at the 1:56 min mark) critiques the campaign, noting it emphasizes the negative events that have transpired, and questions whether that really empowers passengers to do something about it.


Watch the full segment HERE.

Also with some amusement, the City TV reporter at the end notes how the #Thisiswhere hashtag has been hijacked by some users. While some comments register gripes with the TTC in general, or note some positives, the Detroit Red Wings are also using the hashtag to drum up support for a new arena. Yet another reason to check the existing use of a hashtag before embarking on a campaign!

Thanks for keeping your expert comments in the news Marc!