The Ottawa Convention only weeks away! And did you know….

In just a few short weeks, we’ll all be meeting up in Ottawa, ready to celebrate CAPS’ 20th birthday, Canada’s 150th birthday, and experience a Convention that will be like no other!

How will it be like no other, you may ask?

This year, our distinguished Convention Programming Chairs – Sid Ridgely, CSP and Beverly Beuermann-King, CSP – took the feedback given from prior CAPS conventions and designed the program so that you’ll be actively engaged in your own learning (as opposed to passively taking in information). It has also been designed to answer a tremendous number of questions that you may have about your business.

For example, if you’ve been asking how you can:

  1. Increase revenue?

  2. Build a stronger following?

  3. Have a greater impact with your expertise?

  4. Use technology to better advantage?

  5. Become stronger on the stage?

  6. Write with purpose?

Then the answers to these questions are waiting for you in Ottawa!

What’s your plan? We suggest that you check out the Convention schedule – like, right now!

We’ve been to enough Conventions to know that the moment you get there, you’ll be overtaken with the energy, enthusiasm, excitement, friendliness, generosity of spirit, fun, and interesting discussions and learning that will surround you. So, we urge you to go through the Convention schedule NOW, and decide of where you’d like to go and what you’d like to learn. Sure, you could change your mind once you’re there…. but why not be prepared in advance? We’re all for preparedness! (and cake — we’re all for cake too).

Don’t forget to show our sponsors and exhibitors some #CAPSlove!

Our generous, invaluable, brilliant sponsors and exhibitors are a core part of helping us create such incredible businesses. And we’ll be honest — we couldn’t have our Convention without them! So please make sure to devote some time during your Convention experience to explore the unique and valuable ways that they can help your business soar. Check out all our sponsors and exhibitors!

Some final words…

Finally, dear CAPS friends, we hope that by now you have registered for the PreConvention workshops and Foundation night (and that you’ve checked out all the Foundation online auction items that you’ll totally want to buy), that you’ve booked your hotel at the beautiful Delta Hotels Ottawa City Centre, that you’ve made your driving, train or flight plans, that you’ve chosen your outfit for our gala night (ladies, take it from us — bring a pair of flat shoes when it comes time to dance the night away, or you may not make it to the annual Survivor photo!). And most of all, we hope that you’re taking care of your mind and body so that you can show up with great health and energy.

We’re crazy excited – and we can’t wait to see you!

Your 2017 CAPS Convention Committee