Michael Kerr, author of The Humor Advantage, Explains Why Some Businesses Are Laughing to the Bank, on Breakfast Television

Canadian Hall of Fame keynote speaker, international business speaker, and author of The Humor Advantage, Michael Kerr shares some thoughts on how businesses are branding themselves as attractive places to work and building more inspiring, creative and customer-focused workplace cultures by leveraging their humor resources and laughing all the way to the bank.

In this interview with BT Calgary, Michael explains how using humour as leverage, companies are able to not only attract employees and retain them, but are also effective at attracting customers as well. Humour isn’t just a nice to have feature viewed from the perspective of company culture.  It’s at the core of a successful business. He notes a call center example, in an industry with notoriously high turn over, where one company has achieved high retention and only a  13% turn over. And there’s actually someone there with the title “Queen of Laughter.” He notes many other examples too, so we suggest you check out the entire interview HERE.

Michael Kerr has just released his newest book, The Humour Advantage, available on AMAZON through this link.