Do you know the stories behind our six Peer Support Program Listeners?


The Heroism and Stamina in each of our Stories

As we celebrate 25 years of CAPS, we also acknowledge the individual members of this superb organization. Like CAPS itself, each member has an Origin Story, a Hero’s Journey. All these stories are full of strength and pain, learning and compassion.

After surviving many months of virtual distancing, we, at the Peer Support Program, have decided to connect with you by sharing our stories. As members, we have much in common. We all have struggles and achievements that make up the fabric of our journey on this planet, and as members of the CAPS family, we care for one another.

This month, Patricia Morgan shares a video of her journey, a life that deserves medals for courage, and compassion for deep struggles.

Enjoy learning more about Patricia, and as you do, you might reflect on your own story and what you might like to share about yours.

I have always thought, that when I look at a sunset, it can be beautiful when the evening sky is clear. However, the deep and variegated beauty of a setting sun reflecting off artscapes of clouds is so magnificent it can take our breath away!

And so, it is with our lives! When we share our ‘clouds’ and challenges we see the great reflected beauty of who we really are.

Faythe Buchanan
Peer Support Chair