CAPS Chapters show grassroots support for the CAPS Foundation

The CAPS Foundation was established in 2007 as a way for our members to help other members in need.  Whether the crisis is personal tragedy, mental or physical health, financial or natural disaster, our members have stepped up to create a financial resource available to all members, which now tops over $200,000 in assets, and growing every day.

This continued growth comes from a heartfelt grassroots emotion – that CAPS members care.  This is no more evident than in the ongoing fundraising events undertaken by different CAPS chapters across the country, all without any prompting, that continue to add to the Foundation’s coffers.

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The Calgary chapter has made an ongoing commitment to donate $100 for each Super Saturday, their monthly Chapter meeting that happens ten times a year.  Calgary always brings in top-notch speakers to help their members grow their businesses, and the $100 is put forward as a donation on behalf of that speaker in lieu of a speaking fee.  “I didn’t even know anything about the Foundation and what it did until I attended the convention last December,” says Calgary president Russ Dantu.  “But now that I know what it is for, it is nice to know there is something in place if a professional member falls sick and needs financial assistance.”

A continuing commitment of $1,000 a year to the Foundation from Calgary is impressive!  But the Atlantic chapter managed to top that last year!  Their Chapter Board announced a lump-sum $4,000 donation to the Foundation at our annual convention in Vancouver in December 2018.  “Our chapter was in a position to make this donation to the Foundation as a sign of support and belief in what the Foundation stands for,” says Atlantic past-president Steve Foran.

CAPS Toronto decided to take a different approach.  Instead of a straight financial donation, they chose to run specific events in support of the Foundation.  Cate Collins and Beverly Beuermann-King organized an online webinar that gave speakers practical ideas on how they could dramatically improve their PowerPoint presentations.  Paul Vorreiter, an NSA member from Colorado, was the presenter and he graciously waived his speaker fee and donated all proceeds (approximately $2,500) from the event to the CAPS Foundation.  Beverly commented, “People really appreciated the opportunity to learn, AND that their fee was going to support the Foundation.” The Toronto chapter also hosted an online auction with proceeds of approximately $1,500 going to the Foundation.

The Foundation is here for all CAPS members in their time of need.  But it simply wouldn’t be possible if this kind of grassroots support did not exist.  Thank you CAPS Chapters across the country for your continuing support!!

P.S. If your Chapter would like to hold a fundraising event in support of the Foundation and would like more information (or even just to brainstorm ideas), please reach out to any of the Directors on the Foundation Board.