CAPS and the 2020 Global Speakers Summit

Hey CAPS Members…

Since I am in the awesome position of being Executive Director for both CAPS and the GSF I have some news to share with you.

Did you know….. the 2020 Global Speakers Summit will be held February 21st to 24th, 2020 in the beautiful city of Swakupmond, Namibia.

In a decided effort to ensure that the GSS2020 will truly represent all associations of the Global Speakers Federation (GSF), and that it reflects a diverse ensemble of speakers, CAPS has been asked to submit two professional speakers (one male and one female) for review and consideration by the GSS2020 steering committee for inclusion on the programme for the summit.

Would you like to speak at the 2020GSS…..?   If so, we are asking you to submit a maximum one-minute video on why CAPS should put your name forward.   See notes below as to what the GSS selection team is looking for.  Your video is due to CAPS by Wednesday, April 12th, and we’ll even give you to midnight of your time zone.  Videos will be reviewed by our Board of Directors (excluding any who choose to submit) and the final names will be sent to the GSS team.   This call for submission is open to ALL CAPS members.

Please consider the following items as  you put your thoughts and video together:

  • Speakers should be able to deliver a high-calibre, content-driven presentation that encourages engagement
  • Speakers should best be able to represent CAPS on stage and off (during networking or other summit programme activities)
  • Speakers should be willing and able to either create a unique keynote for the summit or able to highly customize an existing keynote to fit the theme of the GSS2020
  • While not a prerequisite; speakers who are certified or accredited (CSP, GSF, FPSA, HoF etc) are encouraged to submit
  • In addition to the above, speakers who are published authors will receive an added benefit by attending the summit as will speakers who have free, digital resources available (eBooks, apps, online tools etc) that can be made available to summit attendees. More information on this will be made available in the coming weeks.

And finally – please note that all expenses related to attending the 2020GSS are the sole responsibility of the speaker/attendee.   Neither CAPS nor the GSS/GSF covers any expenses, as per our GSF arrangement with all member associations.   We do understand that the GSS will offer a discounted registration rate to selected presenters.

Remember… submissions, no longer than one minute in length are due to CAPS by end of day, Wed. April 10th.

SUBMIT YOUR VIDEO  (dropbox request)

For more info on the 2020GSS visit –

Excited to join you in Namibia!