Laurie Flasko on Breakfast Television Toronto shares her expertise on how to help your children with rising rates of bullying


It was great to see CAPS member Laurie Flasko featured on Toronto’s Breakfast TV during Bullying Awareness Week recently. She shared her own personal story as a parent in helping her daughter through bullying challenges, along with adding her professional insights as an expert and speaker in this area. According to World Health Organization, Canada… Continue reading

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Michael Kerr, author of The Humor Advantage, Explains Why Some Businesses Are Laughing to the Bank, on Breakfast Television


Canadian Hall of Fame keynote speaker, international business speaker, and author of The Humor Advantage, Michael Kerr shares some thoughts on how businesses are branding themselves as attractive places to work and building more inspiring, creative and customer-focused workplace cultures by leveraging their humor resources and laughing all the way to the bank. In this… Continue reading

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