Sarah McVanel frames workplace problems as opportunities in Canadian HR Reporter article

Photo credit: Vectomart (Shutterstock) as originally published in Canadian HR Reporter


CAPS member Sarah McVanel explains how solution-focused leadership can transform the workplace in this July 11, 2017 Canadian HR Reporter article by Marcel Vander Wier.

A simple mindset shift can help human resources practitioners turn troubled corporate cultures into rock-star ones.

And it’s all about focusing on the positive and seeking the extraordinary in the ordinary, according to Sarah McVanel, author and founder of Greatness Magnified consulting firm in St. Catharines, Ont.

Today’s HR professionals often move from fire to fire, dousing one grievance with proverbial water before another pops up, she said. But solutions are within HR’s grasp, said McVanel, speaking at a recent Strategic Capability Network (SCN) event in Toronto. Link to read the rest of the article HERE…