RFP for Speaking Academy

In case you missed it in your inbox…there’s exciting news CAPPERS, CAPS is currently accepting proposals to develop, design, launch, and host a new, world class, CAPS e-Learning Masterclass Academy! (I know right, we’re excited too!) CAPS recently raised the standards required for speakers to attain professional membership status, so to assist aspiring speakers who have not yet achieved the minimum standards, CAPS is developing a world-class e-learning program that will help aspiring speakers learn the fundamentals of how to monetize the spoken word, get their foot onto the proverbial speaker stage, and grow their speaking business.

If your expression of interest to serve as a learning module leader is successful, you can expect the following benefits:

  • The CAPS Advantage is captured in the words: Learn, Share, Grow, and Belong.  One of the driving motivations for membership in CAPS for many veteran speakers is their desire to give back to the speaking community, so your participation as a faculty member in this program is yet one more way for you to contribute, share your expertise, and leave behind a lasting legacy.
  • You will be profiled – and are welcomed to promote yourself – as a Faculty Member of the CAPS Masterclass Academy.
  • With CAPS’ outstanding brand recognition as THE resource for people who are serious about growing their speaking business, it is one of the first places aspiring speakers seek out for professional development. As a selected faculty member, you will gain potential exposure to anyone in Canada seeking to monetize the spoken word.
  • If you provide professional coaching services for speakers, you will be gaining exposure to individuals who may decide to hire you for extra consulting/coaching outside of the Masterclass Academy. Though we prohibit the explicit promotion of your products or services within the learning modules, participants will nonetheless have access to your contact info should they wish to engage your services outside of the Masterclass Academy.

The deadline to apply is April 20th.  We know that with your help, your passion, and your energy we can create a truly world class program. To request a copy of the RFP please drop a note to Shari Bricks, [email protected]