Q&A with CAPS Foundation President, Lorne Kelton

Over the past few months, I’ve been asked several great questions from both new and long-standing CAPS members. These include:  Who runs the CAPS Foundation? What services does the Foundation provide? Where does the Foundation get its funds? Why is the Foundation incorporated separately from the CAPS association? Will the Foundation be expanding its reach into the community? In this month’s article, I will endeavour to answer these.

1. Who runs the CAPS Foundation?

  • The Foundation is managed by a seven-member elected Board of Directors comprised of a diversified group of Professional CAPS members. The Board currently consists of: Michael Hughes, Merge Gupta-Sunderji, CSP, Hugh Culver, CSP, Faythe Buchanan, Mark Black CSP, Carol Ring, and yours truly. The Board meets a minimum of 4 times per year and holds its AGM in December. You can learn more about the leadership team at: https://www.capsfoundation.com/leadership-team.

2. What services does the Foundation provide?

The CAPS Foundation currently provides the following critical services:

  • The Peer Support Program (PSP): This program is administered by Faythe Buchanan and her exceptional team of Peer Support “Listeners”. The service is available in both English and French and you can learn all about it at: https://www.capsfoundation.com/peer-support-team.
  • The Professional Members Benefit Fund (PMBF): This program is administered by Hugh Culver, CSP and his dedicated team of PMBF committee members. The fund provides financial grants to professional and legacy members in need. We encourage all members to familiarize themselves with the program at:
  • Resources: the CAPS Foundation website also has a “Resources” section where you can find useful articles and view the incredible CAPS “Healthy Minds & Well Being” video series, produced by CAPS’s own David Gouthro, CSP and Barry Lewis Green. You can watch them here: https://www.capsfoundation.com/news
  • Testimonials: The Foundation website also provides you with an opportunity to get up close and personal with several CAPS members who have benefitted from the Foundation’s services. Explore their stories at:

3. Where does the Foundation get its funds?

  • The CAPS Foundation derives the bulk of its revenues from donations from members like you. We get the largest chunk during our annual convention where a combination of fundraisers takes place including our amazing “Foundation Night” event (this year it’s a comedy theme so sign up early!). We also have auctions that take place and the individual CAPS chapters also contribute during the year through special events they host on behalf of the Foundation. We encourage all members to make donations throughout the year via the website at: https://www.capsfoundation.com/donate. You can make a one-time donation or a recurring gift with the simple click of a button.

4. Why is the Foundation incorporated separately from the CAPS association?

  • To ensure that the CAPS Foundation fulfills its mandate and mission, the Foundation Board of Directors, with the support of the CAPS National Board, established the Foundation as a separate not-for-profit corporation in December of 2017. This new structure allows the CAPS Foundation and the CAPS association to stay focused on their respective and distinct missions and obligations to the membership. It also allows the Foundation to manage its financial resources exclusively to the benefit of CAPS members and allows the Foundation to disentangle its financial reporting from the association. This has greatly improved the Foundation’s ability to meet its fiduciary responsibilities to the membership while at the same time enhancing transparency. It also means that the Foundation’s resources can only be used to further its mission, vision, and values and not be appropriated for other purposes.

5. Will the Foundation be expanding its reach into the community?

  • While the current focus of the CAPS Foundation’s Board is on strengthening our internal processes and managing our PSP and PMBF programs, we nonetheless remain open to exploring how we can be of even greater benefit to the membership. For example, some members have asked about developing a youth initiative program or supporting external causes that they consider are aligned with our mission. The Board is happy to review any ideas that are submitted to the Foundation. You can always reach us via email at  [email protected]

It’s an honour and privilege to serve as your CAPS Foundation president and I hope this short Q&A has been helpful. If there’s anything else that you’d like to ask, please drop us a note at:

[email protected]

With appreciation,
Lorne Kelton, M.Ed.
President, CAPS Foundation