We Are One, and Your Voice Matters!

One of many Chapter ‘Pose Off’s from the Chapter Tour of President Deri Latimer, CSP. This one is of Southwest Ontario Chapter.

Dear CAPS Members,

At our Annual General Meeting in December, 2015, a revised Service Level Agreement (SLA) was approved between CAPS and its Association Management Company, Bond Executive Offices Inc.

A major initiative of the SLA is the implementation of Performance Metrics so that CAPS can continue to improve on delivering exceptional service and support to all members. As an association we believe that all members should enjoy high levels of service commensurate with the inherent nature of the Professional Speaking Industry. 

To that end, we wanted to share with you a few of the specific servicing standards that you can expect going forward, including:

  • A maximum 2 business days turnaround time, with acknowledgment, for all inquiries you make, whether by email, by phone, by text, by fax, or in-person at Bond’s office in Toronto.
  • A maximum 2 business days turnaround time, with acknowledgment, for all required and requested membership materials.

In order to help ensure that these standards are met we will be asking you to communicate your feedback with us. A feedback form can be found on the CAPS Website in the Membership Dashboard section where you can confidentially share your experiences. We want to celebrate our successes but we also want to take prompt action when we fall short of expectations. 

Further, we will be conducting an Annual Membership Satisfaction Survey, to be deployed no later than June 30th of each year. The goal of the survey will be to solicit your feedback on the quality and timeliness of the support you are receiving throughout the year.

The CAPS National Board is formally committed to undertake these measures on an annual basis.  By strengthening our relationships and seeking to constantly improve, we will ensure a vibrant and dynamic future for our great association.

 On behalf of the entire Board of Directors, I want to thank you for supporting these critically important initiatives.  After all, We Are One!!!

Lorne Kelton
2016 CAPS National Board of Directors