President’s Message – June 2015

Your CAPS Advantage Booklet!
Has this ever happened to you?  Someone asks you what the benefit of being a CAPS member is and you just can’t seem to put it into words? 
Well…over the last 2 years we have asked many of our fellow CAPS members just that – to describe in their own words the value of their CAPS membership.  We made close to one hundred calls. We asked new members why they had joined, loyal members why they had stayed and we even asked former members why they had left.  And by now, you should have received the result of those efforts in the mail – our new CAPS Advantage booklet. (If you haven’t received yours yet, it is on the way along with your membership renewal confirmation.)
Our hope was that we would find a common language and that then we would then be able to share that language with you – our members  – so that you , in turn, could share it with the world.  (Or at least, with your colleagues and any potential CAPS members you might run into.  See where I’m going with this?)
After many insightful phone conversations, spirited discussions at both the National Board and chapter president levels and time taken to review a ton of research, we are thrilled to share the four cornerstones of the CAPS Advantage:  Learn, Share, Grow and Belong.
Learn – Because you told us that the skills and strategies that you learn at CAPS help to differentiate you from other speakers in the marketplace.
Share – Because you told us that your CAPS membership creates opportunities for you to network with the best in the industry – people who willingly share their extensive experience and expertise with their fellow CAPS colleagues.
Grow – Because you told us that as CAPS members, you can access a global network of incredible resources that can help you help your clients say yes more often – so that you can grow your business.
Belong – Because you told us that you feel privileged to be part of the CAPS family – this unique community of exceptional individuals who provide the support, motivation and connections that all of us need to be the best that we can be.
We created this CAPS Advantage booklet not only for you but for the future of CAPS.  Because who better to help share our story, grow our family and strengthen our community than those who already Believe?  We hope that you will read through the quotes of your fellow members and think about what words you would use to describe your own CAPS Advantage.  And, of course, we hope that when you meet potential CAPS members on your travels, you will share the CAPS Advantage cornerstones that you think would be of the greatest value to them.
Learn, Share, Grow and Belong.
Because We Believe in you.
Because We Believe in the power of the spoken word.
Because We Believe in CAPS.