Ottawa Convention: A multiple choice game – how will YOU do?

Hello CAPS friends,

With less than 2 months to go until Convention, we’re ready to get serious. Get down to business. Roll up our sleeves and do our last push. In other words….

It’s game-time.

If you haven’t already… Don’t forget to register before the Oct. 30 early bird deadline!

READY? (Answers will be revealed at the bottom)

Question 1: When is the early bird deadline, and how much extra money will it cost if I miss it?

  1. Oct. 30 deadline, and it’ll cost you the equivalent of approximately 70 Beaver Tails
  2. Oct. 30 deadline, and it’ll cost you an extra $100
  3. Dec. 11, and we really are hoping that you don’t choose this response

Question 2: This year, Rising Stars will take place on the main stage. Our speakers will be treated to feedback from a very esteemed panel of experts. WHO is on this panel of experts?

  1. Donald Cooper CSP HoF, Shelle Rose Charvet CSP, and Shirley Taylor CSP (President of the Global Speakers Federation — GSF)
  2. Suzanne Stevens CSP, Deri Latimer CSP, and Toni Newman, HoF
  3. Justin Trudeau, Andrew Scheer, Jagmeet Singh

Question 3: Guess how many people are already registered for Pre-Convention, the full Convention, and Foundation night, respectively (numbers as of Oct. 15).

  1. 62, 150, and 49
  2. 99, 176, and 96
  3. I was told there would be no math

Question 4: List the one thing that will NOT be taking place at Foundation night:

  1. An exciting online and live auction
  2. Elevation (the CAPS band) will returning – finally! – and will be playing their big hits
  3. A “dance-off” to the soundtrack of Footloose, hosted by Kevin Bacon
  4. A great meal, expanding your CAPS network, and lots of laughs

BONUS QUESTION: What is the ONE most important question that you must ask yourself in regards to the gala evening on the night of Dec. 11?

  1. Can I really dance all night in those heels?
  2. Can Wayne Lee hypnotize me to help me more fully unleash my rad dance moves (like he did with Jon Jon Rivero at last year’s Foundation night)?
  3. When all the awards and speeches are over, will there be cake?
  4. All of the above






Question 1: B

The early bird rate of $1,050 ends on Oct. 30. If you register after that date, registration will cost $1,150. While we may all be fabulously successful with endless supplies of money well-hidden in our mattresses (oh wait, did I say that out loud?), $100 saved is still $100 saved! Please register at before October 30, and take advantage of the savings.

(Also, given Beaver Tails cost between $4.50-$6.00 each (yes, we did the research – and it was delicious!), we can assure you that response ‘A’ couldn’t have been correct. Obviously.)

Question 2: A

We’re very excited to welcome Donald Cooper CSP HoF, Shelle Rose Charvet CSP, and Shirley Taylor CSP to our Rising Stars expert panel. We’re sure that they will add value, brilliance, interest and who knows…maybe even a bit of humour in their feedback to our courageous Rising Stars!

Question 3: B

That’s a lot of people, and it’s going to be awesome! And in case you’ve forgotten, all those who have registered for Pre-Convention, PLUS all Convention and Board volunteers, PLUS all those in the High Earner Income Group (HEIG) are invited to attend the CAPS Volunteer Reception on Parliament Hill. That’s a LOT of people. And they’re all VERY cool. Will YOU be there too?

(THANK YOU, SPONSORS! Many thanks to Paula Morand for sponsoring the Parliament tour, and to Lightspeed for sponsoring the High Income Earner Group).

Question 4: C

Kevin Bacon isn’t coming. He never even returned our calls. And this, despite the fact that his kid went to school with my cousin’s sister-in-law’s best friend’s nephew. Four degrees of separation is obviously not enough for Mr. Fancy-Pants Bacon.

The good news is, everything else will be happening at Foundation night! And you can expect even more, because Foundation always has a few surprises up its sleeve.

(THANK YOU, SPONSORS! Many thanks to Paula Morand for sponsoring the Foundation evening!)


Technically we realize that we asked you to identify ONE question, and now here we are, saying that ALL the answers are correct. So let’s just call that a ‘trick or treat,’ shall we? We tricked you, yet you will be treated to an unforgettable evening – especially if you make it all the way to the Survivors photo at 1am! (note to ALL women: an extra pair of flat shoes can work wonders in giving you staying power…just sayin’).

2 final notes before we sign off:

  1. Don’t forget to register before the Oct. 30 early bird deadline!
  2. Convention is less than 2 months away! We can’t wait to see you.


Rhonda & Lisa

Lisa and Rhonda