Membership News – December 2018

Our 2018 CAPS Convention drew to a close with our annual President’s Ball, Awards and Dance.  It was a great evening hosted by your 2018 CAPS National President, Steve Lowell, CSP and your CAPS Executive Director Shari Bricks. Congratulations to everyone who was recognized during the evening for their outstanding contributions to CAPS and the speaking community.

We started the evening with our Chapter Awards. The first award was the Chapter Convention Attendance Award.  This recognizes the chapter with the greatest percentage of members attending.  The award for the chapter with the Most Members Attending the 2018 Convention went to CAPS Manitoba.
The second Chapter award presented was the E1R1 Chapter Membership Recruitment Award. This year, the chapter who recruited the highest number and percentage of professional members was CAPS Southwestern Ontario Chapter. One of the signs of a healthy Chapter is its capacity to attract new professional members and with the successful execution of the Each-One Reach-One program, we continue to draw new members to our professional association.

The third chapter award was the Chapter Member Retention Award – Another sign of a healthy chapter is its ability to keep its members engaged. The Chapter Member Retention Award went to CAPS Edmonton.

Congratulations to all of our Chapter award recipients!

The first individual award was to honour our 2018 E1R1 Ambassador of the Year. This Award goes to the member who has introduced the highest number of new members NATIONALLY to our association during the year. Like last year we had a very close race. For the second year in a row, from the CAPS Toronto Chapter, the award went to Sarah McVanel. Sarah will receive a complimentary 2019 convention registration in recognition for her efforts to grow our CAPS community.

Steve Lowell, CSP presented service awards to recognize our outgoing National board members.  Our members contribute their valuable time and expertise to serving on chapter boards, the national board and in many other ways. Steve recognized Mary Charleson, CSP for her contributions to the national board and especially her efforts to complete the CAPS welcome package for new members. Steve also presented a service award to Michelle Ray, CSP for her contribution to the national board and one of our most successful renewal campaigns. Suzanne F. Stevens, CSP was also recognized with a service award for her years on the national board and for her year as President of CAPS.

Every year our CAPS National President has the opportunity to recognize one member for their contribution. Our Presidents Award highlights a member that has gone above and beyond with special recognition. This year Steve Lowell, CSP presented the award to Suzanne F. Stevens, CSP for her incredible commitment to CAPS. Steve referenced Suzanne’s enthusiasm, dependability, insights and fabulous energy when he was presenting the award.

Michael Kerr, CSP, HoF presented Steve Lowell, CSP an outgoing Presidents gift for his contributions to guide us to learn, share, grow and belong in 2018.

Following the service awards, we celebrated a member that contributes to the community with the Peter Legge Philanthropist of the Year Award

This award is given to a deserving individual who:

  • Demonstrates the principles of philanthropy and stewardship through their actions and outcomes
  • Serves as a role model for others in giving for the sake of giving and without expecting anything in return
  • AND Demonstrates professional and ethical behaviour that is consistent with the values of CAPS
  • The individual is selected by a CAPS committee, and Peter Legge, CSP, HoF, CPAE.

This year we were fortunate to have Peter Legge, CSP, HoF CPAE with us to present the award. Peter shared a description of this year’s award winner highlighting many examples of how Tom Watson has given tirelessly and generously.  Congratulations Tom!!

To present the Warren Evans Spirit of CAPS Award, last year’s winner Nabil Doss, Past National President and Past Global Speakers Federation President welcomed previous winners to the stage.

The Warren Evans Spirit of CAPS Award is typically awarded to one CAPS member each year who has:

  • demonstrated a long-term, extraordinary level of commitment and dedication to CAPS;
  • demonstrated the spirit of sharing, leading and inspiring other CAPS members;
  • demonstrated professionalism and adherence to the mission, vision and values of CAPS;
  • gained the respect and admiration of CAPS members across the country;
  • been a proactive and positive proponent for CAPS in the speaking community and beyond.

This year our recipient was Bob Parker, CSP. Bob is a past National President, Chapter President, ethics committee member, contributor in so many ways and he has also represented CAPS in the Global Speakers Federation and the Business Events Industry Coalition Canada (now Meetings Mean Business Canada).

Alvin Law, CSP, HoF led the induction ceremony for the Canadian Speaking Hall of Fame. Individuals recognized for their outstanding excellence as a professional speaker and dedication to the professional speaking industry, by educating others to excel, are considered for induction each year. Members are selected by their peers, in recognition of their contributions. Selection criteria are based first and foremost on excellence on the platform. Other considerations include:

  • longevity in the business
  • success in the business
  • a reputation for ethical conduct
  • evidence of excellence in all dimensions of the speaking business
  • impact on, and valuable contribution to, audiences and clients
  • use of speaking skills and success for positive contribution to the community at large
  • participation and contribution within CAPS and the speaking industry
  • member in good standing of CAPS at the time of nomination

This year we were fortunate to have two inductees; Wayne Lee, CSP and Sunjay Nath, CSP. Both inductees were able to celebrate this special recognition with their families, who have been such a big part of their journey. It was a great way to conclude our 2018 CAPS President’s Ball and Awards.   Congratulations to both Wayne and Sunjay!

The music started, and the dance floor was filled for the evening. We had our biggest survivor picture ever; with many people wearing “I Survived CAPS 2018” flip-flops that were a special gift from Shari Bricks and the team at Bond Association Management. Congratulations to all our award winners and we do appreciate everything you do to make CAPS a great place to Learn, Share, Grow and Belong!