Global Meetings Industry Day, GMID – Thursday, April 4th, 2019

Our Industry is not the Speaking Industry – we are part of the Meetings and Events Industry and April 4th is OUR Industry Day – Global Meetings Industry Day, GMID

GMID is a Day where members of the Meeting Industry get together around the world to celebrate, educate and promote the importance of Face-to-Face Meetings and CAPS is an important part of this Industry.

Last year, there were 206 registered events in 41 countries that took place on Global Meetings Industry Day (GMID), up from 122 events in 35 countries in 2017.

How can you get involved?

Leading up to GMID you can promote the importance of the Meetings Industry within your Networks

  • Please use #GMID19 (it will be re-tweeted)
  • Share your thoughts on the Meetings Industry
  • Share the impact of meeting face-to-face that you have witnessed on participants and clients
  • Share the impact the Meetings Industry has had on you and your career
  • Share in a video, photo, article, post
  • Share where you are speaking and recognize all of the Meeting Professionals that must work together

in order to create a great event – Speakers, Meeting Planners, Venues, AV, Catering, Destinations, Hotels, Airlines, Interpreters… and of course the Clients and Participants

Check out the GMID page on the Meetings Mean Business website here, for info on the industry, resources, infographics that you can share

If you are not speaking that day you can attend a GMID event wherever in the world you are, check out the Global Interactive Map here It is a great opportunity to interact with other Meeting Professionals (including those that hire and refer speakers!)

If you are speaking on April 4th, even if it is not an official GMID event please tweet that you are attending and speaking at a business event and use #GMID19

#GMID19 – How will you celebrate…?

Any questions on GMID contact Jennifer Spear, [email protected]