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CAPS Unity: 3 Ways to Make Clients Invest with YOU | Muffins to Millions

October 13, 2022 @ 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm EDT


Our October Program:

Presenter: Lisa Ann Edwards
3 Ways to Make it EASY for Clients to Invest with YOU! …just by pinpointing your ROI

You know your work gets results but want to bring greater legitimacy and sophistication to your client’s work. Do you notice data, analytics, technology, and AI used to make business decisions and don’t want to miss out on being known as an innovative leader who incorporates these critical business tools into your work? Even if you already have a solid book of business, you can build your pipeline and expand your business within existing client accounts with ROI.

When you have ROI, you never have to sell yourself.  

During this session, Lisa will help you discover: 

1.  An ROI Framework to Open Doors to Decision Makers to gain access to new business
2. The Art of Talking ROI in Sales to effortlessly show your value during the sales conversation ….even before you have proof of ROI!
3. How to Build Your Authority with ROI and stand out as the obvious expert
4. The Most Overlooked ROI Opportunity and how to bring this simple detail into each client engagement
5. Real-Life Examples Of How Others use ROI to show value, build authority and grow impact with ROI

About Lisa

Lisa Ann Edwards is an award-winning coach and the founder and CEO of MyExcelia. This first and only automated system helps coaches, consultants, and leadership experts prove their real financial ROI, so they can make it easy for clients to invest with them.

As a former head of talent management for a Bill Gates-owned global media company, Lisa learned first-hand the importance of effective people development programs when senior executives cut all the programs because they couldn’t see bottom-line results. Lisa brought budgets back to the organization after proving the ROI of a coaching program.

Since then, Lisa has worked on ROI projects with some of the most recognizable brands in the world: Microsoft, Amazon, Google, Gates Foundation, Pinterest, Gusto, The Federal Reserve, Nationwide Insurance, TELUS, BMW, and many more. With over 2M data points on leadership effectiveness, Lisa is the authority on coaching, leadership, and training programs that get results. She has spoken with more than 20,000 practitioners worldwide and over 200 events worldwide, from China to India, the Middle East, Europe, and North America.

Muffins to Millions
Presenter: Nadja Piatka

How a struggling single mom found a market for her special cooking talent — and parlayed it into millions in the international food service industry.

About Nadja

Nadja Piatka has appeared as a guest on the Oprah Winfrey Show and other international media.  

Oprah highlighted Nadja’s life about losing everything and coming back to create a successful food company with only a $100 investment and becoming a supplier to McDonald’s, Subway, Tim Hortons and retail grocers in North America. 

After 20 years of marriage, Nadja found herself an unemployable single Mom raising two children.   During one low point, while her 13-year-old daughter was home from school for lunch, a bill collector came pounding at the door and peering in the windows.  Nadja had her daughter hide with her under a table from the bill collector.  That humiliation prompted her to gain the strength to move forward and write down her goals, the majority of which she accomplished within one year. 

Since no one would hire her, she decided she would hire herself. Nadja believed the world needed better-tasting healthy food so she began experimenting with recipes in her kitchen and testing them on her children. She started her business by waking up in the early hours to bake and deliver her baked goods in her car to local coffee shops in Edmonton, Ab. 

When her customer base grew, she outsourced her production and within a year became a supplier to Mcdonald’s Canada. The healthy cranberry/orange muffin she created in her kitchen is still on McDonald’s menu. This success in the food industry grew her company to manufacture in the US and Canada and become a supplier to Subway and other large restaurant chains and retailers in the US and Canada.  

Today she is the CEO of Holista Foods USA, a company that is dedicated to changing people’s lives through “better for you” foods. Holista Foods’ mission is to support the global fight against diabetes and obesity by delivering healthy low glycemic food. 

As a leader of the “good carb revolution”, Holista Foods is promoting a consumer shift to consider the blood sugar impact, as well as nutritional content, when making food choices. Scientific evidence proves that managing blood sugar through food, is “key” to managing weight, sustaining energy, and living vitally. 

Nadja and her team developed the first line of low glycemic pasta/noodles clinically validated to control blood sugar. They are shipped globally to Asian countries, distributed to major grocery retailers in the US and sold online on Amazon.ca and Amazon.com. Holista Foods has recently launched the world’s first low glycemic white bread, pizza dough and croissant.  

Nadja is a bestselling author and the recipient of numerous achievement awards in Canada and the United States. 

Along with her daughter, she created an annual event to empower women and has sponsored 32 Women Survivors of War throughout the world.   

Nadja will share her amazing professional and personal story of building her business, surviving leukemia, setting goals and helping others achieve their goals. Her presentation will be a guide and an inspiration to anyone who dares to dream big! 


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October 13, 2022
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm EDT
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