CAPS Online Speaker Academy Update

Thousands, and if not quite thousands, then at least dozens of dedicated CAPS leaders have stepped up to volunteer their time and expertise as we continue to develop the CAPS Online Speaker Academy. 

CAPS has always supported emerging speakers and the CAPS Academy will ensure that tradition carries on as we continue to evolve and strengthen our CAPS brand.

Here are a few points about where we’re at with the development of the program, and why you should be darned excited!

  • The course is being hosted through Thinkific – our strategic partner for this program who has generously sponsored the learning platform. We could not have done this without their support, so please take time to thank the Thinkific representatives, Emily and Paddy, at the convention!
  • Although emerging speakers will be encouraged and welcome to enroll in the program from around the world, there will be substantially reduced rates for existing CAPS and Global Speaking Federation professional members who wish to enroll in the entire program OR select modules of their choice. Another great CAPS member benefit!
  • And yes, you can sign up for individual modules, and no, there will not be any modules on how to mime.
  • Revenue from the Academy (ongoing, passive revenue – you gotta love that!) will go back to CAPS National, with a percentage going back to the chapters, and a small percentage will be reinvested back into the program to cover any ongoing maintenance costs and support. We’ll announce the final fee structure soon!
  • Here’s something that’s very cool: You, as a CAPS member, will have the opportunity to receive referral credits for every person you refer to the CAPS Academy which will be put towards your CAPS membership fees. Or, if you prefer, you’ll have the option to donate your referral fee to the CAPS Foundation OR back to your chapter. Any way you slice and dice it, that’s friggin’ awesome!
  • And no joke, we’re launching the program on April 1st, 2019.

I want to again thank everyone who has stepped up to offer their support and encouragement – too numerous to name here but we will make sure everyone gets recognized in the New Year.  And a special thanks as well to Shari Bricks and her team of elves, particularly Anthony Nijmeh, whose technical wizardry is being put to extensive use as we create the program.

The CAPS Academy represents the next chapter in our story of supporting emerging speakers – so we also need to give our hugest of huge thanks to the amazing Patricia Morgan, from the Calgary Chapter, for her years of dedication and hard work putting together the CAPS FastTrack Speaker School for Calgary, which also served as the basis for several other speaker schools across the country.

As with any project of this magnitude, there will likely be a few hiccups and “learning opportunities” along the way, but we’ll do our utmost to keep you informed and suppress the hiccups as we go.

The CAPS Academy has the potential to be a real gamechanger for CAPS, but ONLY with your passionate support – so thank YOU for your encouragement, for your cheerleading, and for your help in making sure we carry on the CAPS legacy of helping emerging speakers learn, share, grow their business, and belong!