CAPS Convention – July 2019 Update

There is simply no way to put into this newsletter all the amazing experts and topics that will be covered at the 2019 CAPS Convention but let me try! Each month, I’ll cover one day’s list of concurrent speakers, experts, and topics so you can start evaluating where you are going to spend your time when you are at the convention. Monday December 9th On Monday, we have an incredible mix of training and expertise that will surely help you increase the bottom-line of your speaking business. After all, getting more gigs, having more clients, and making more money ensures you stay in business and have the lifestyle you desire. Ask yourself, what is it I need to improve to attract more clients and make more sales? Is it to improve your delivery so you can become that desirable speaker, get more recurring business and referrals, and ensure your clients have a more engaging experience? Do you need to attract new clients and continue the conversation with existing clients that will help you keep your funnel full? Maybe you need a better understanding of how to create more products while running your business so you don’t overwhelm yourself and end up losing clients? If so, then this conference is going to feed your “speaker business” needs.

Delivery & Engagement (Exercises/Story/ Gender)

Rose Hastreiter

Did you know that people will always respond emotionally first before they engage intellectually? It’s not magic, its music and audio cues and Rose Hastreiter will teach us how to hit the right note, and hearts, of our audiences.

Shelle Rose Charvet

Knowing when your audience is operating from the Traditional Male or Traditional Female Model will help you approach your delivery in a way that will engage and not turn them off. Learn how to speak to diverse audiences and what to avoid at all costs.

Lisa Braithwaite

If you want to make your presentations more memorable and meaningful then join Lisa Braithwaite to transform your audience from spectators to participants with interactive exercises.

Kelly Swanson

Learn the science behind story and what it can do that your content can’t. Kelly Swanson will provide a framework for crafting strategic stories. And then, experience stories being made over in real time. Maybe even your story!

Attracting New Clients & Marketing (Brand/Social Media/Video/Websites)
Gair Maxwell

See into the future of video with Gair Maxwell, to discern the important developments, trends and key disruptors that will impact our strategic and creative decisions over the next 12-to-60 months.

Chris Davidson

Find out how your website stacks up against the top 1% of speaker websites with Chris Davison. Do you “Make the Grade”?

Jeffrey Smith

Better than simple podcasts is the using Alexa, Google Home and other voice platforms to market to your speaking business and build your personal brand. Learn how to create daily following of engaged listeners with Jeffrey Smith.

Kevin Rempel

Kevin Rempel will demonstrate how social media can make you money with real-world examples and the strategies you can implement too.

Azadeh Yaraghi

Learn how your brand promise attracts your ideal clients to you in this rapid-fire session with Azadeh Yaraghi.

Running Your Business & Other Topics (Leadership / Proposals / Build Live Events)
Joanne Marlow

When your client asks you for a proposal or you know to get that ideal project a proposal is a must then you need to join JoAnne Marlow to learn the entire process with our client in mind.

Kristin Arnold

If you want to be known as a thought leader (and be able to charge more money for your unique expertise), Kristin Arnold’s session will give you the blueprint to create your strategy to be known in your niche AND to be found in the sea of talented speakers.

Dianna Lidstone

Step-by-step roadmap to plan, market & execute your own Epic Live Events that will accelerate your business with Diana Lidstone.

Michelle Villalobos

Learn how Michelle Villalobos quadrupled her business to 7-figures in 14 months with small events and a simple model that most (excellent) speakers could easily emulate.

If you want to check out all the concurrent speakers, topics and view the schedule, go here.

For this year’s Keynote speakers, go here.

Bob Parker, CSP and Beverly Beuermann-King, CSP
Your 2019 Convention Co-Chairs