Calling all E1~R1 Ambassadors and Aspiring Ambassadors – Opportunity to Win!

Do you love Vancouver and Canada’s west coast?   How does a free 2018 convention registration sound?

All you have to do is be the 2017 CAPS Ambassador of the Year.  This is how: Introduce the MOST new members in 2017! Now some of our members have already been busy with their referrals, but you still have three months to take the lead.

Some members may be asking, why would we want more competitors?

The reality is CAPS members are not competitors at all.  In fact, your fellow CAPS members are resources for you to learn from, to share your own wisdom with, to help you grow your business and to belong to a community of kindred spirits.

Speaking as a profession is becoming a more popular and profitable option for the many experts who are seeking a career change and for members of our millennial generation who continue to leapfrog positions and crave to share their expertise. Wouldn’t it be exciting to have an even bigger pool of experts and fresh perspectives to draw from?

Growing our Membership – Benefits to CAPS and to YOU:

  • Simply, more professional members to strengthen our association
  • More brainpower for you to tap into
  • Diversity of business models for you to consider and explore
  • More money for programming which means better value for you
  • More speakers with CSP designation to enhance the profile of the speaking profession
  • Elevate the caliber of speakers in the speaking business – better speakers, more demand for CAPS speakers
  • Increase awareness of the CAPS brand which improves your profile as a CAPS member
  • More experts to collaborate, refer and/or connect with
  • Learn from diverse expertise
  • Create and celebrate CAPS Ambassadors giving you an opportunity for local national recognition

How can you help grow the CAPS community?

You’re CAPS’ most passionate resource, which is why we want you to become a CAPS Ambassador! Our recruitment initiative, Each~One Reach~One (E1-R1), counts on each member engaging in our growth.

The best way to grow our Membership is for you to share the value and ROI you receive by being a CAPS member. You will become a CAPS Ambassador and be recognized locally and nationally for your contribution.

Who do you know that could add value to our community?

1. Make a list of your local contacts and colleagues
2. For each one, ask yourself these questions:

a.  Do they speak as part of their job or business?
b.  Do they get paid for presentations?
c.  Do they facilitate, coach or train?
d.  Do they deliver keynotes or sessions live?

3.  If the answer is yes to any of these questions, why not reach out for a one-on-one chat, share your own experiences as a CAPS member and invite them to your next CAPS event? You are welcome to invite them to any CAPS event, including another Chapters.

If you would like some help, introduce your contact to your local membership chair or to our national membership chair, Steve Lowell CSP or even to me personally.  Any one of us would be happy to help you bring your contacts and colleagues into our CAPS community…it can really be just that simple!

Once your guest becomes a new member, there is a referral field on the on-line membership application form for them to put your name down as his or her Ambassador!

The official new member counts are from Jan 1, 2017 to Nov 13th 2017. Steve Lowell, CSP, Member Director and President Elect, is ALSO our resident E1~R1 statistician which means he will keep count of new members and the Ambassadors.


Ambassador Recognition:

Become your Chapter’s  Ambassador of the Year! Ambassadors will also be recognized based on his or her overall Member introductions.  As an Ambassador you will be acknowledged at your Local Chapter (in November) and again at the Annual Convention.

Take the lead and share the CAPS Advantage (learn, share, grow, belong) with prospective members and be seen as a CAPS Ambassador. What better way to contribute to your association’s growth and thought leadership while increasing your profile! More members will become aware of you, your contribution and your expertise.

We look forward to growing our CAPS community together and celebrating the E1~R1 Ambassador at the 2017 CAPS convention in Ottawa!

Will you be our 2017 Ambassador of the Year who attends our 2018 Convention in Vancouver – free?

Congratulations to our past E1~R1 Ambassadors of the Year:

2016    Suzannah Baum – CAPS Montreal
2015    Toni Newman, HoF – CAPS Montreal
2014   Faith Wood
2013    Deri Latimer CSP –CAPS Manitoba


CAPS Cares about you and our growing Community!


Suzanne F. Stevens

2017 CAPS National President