What does the theme of ‘We Are One’ mean? To me, it is a reminder of the central ‘truth’ of the universe: we are intricately interconnected, and interdependent. You are me. I am you.

I recall hearing a similar message early in my life. I knew, somehow, that it was true. Even though I did not fully comprehend it, I knew that my life experience was confirming this ‘truth’ over and over.

In the January issue of KeyNotes, I described how each of us – as members of CAPS – are connected to each other and to the people we impact every day as we do the great work that we do. Central to our sustainability as an association of experts who speak professionally is this message of interconnection and interdependence. If I am not adhering to our ethical standards, if I am not embracing our guiding principle of Generosity of Spirit, if I am not contributing to the vibrancy of the chapter with which I am affiliated, it affects you. If you are creating high-quality experiences for your clients, if you are living the CAPS Advantage by learning, sharing, growing and belonging in this national association, it affects me.

We are all unique. We are all experts. We all deliver our messages in different ways. That richness allows our association to thrive and grow as we experience the variety of messages and messengers among us.

We are also all the same. We all want to have the opportunity to do the work we love, to be with people who add to our lives, to impact the world in a positive way with our message, and to be able to leave a legacy of which we can be proud.

As you look forward to this new year in your business, reflect on all of the gifts before you. I’ll bet your relationship with CAPS is one of them. Every gift grows in value when we focus on it and appreciate it. Take a moment to connect with the gifts you receive from CAPS.

You matter to this association. Your investment in yourself and your business makes a difference to – is connected to – the value you can and will receive from this wonderful place that is CAPS. We all get better when we invest together in our collective future.

Choose to continue to invest in you, choose to continue to invest in CAPS.