In mid November of 2017, I think it was a Thursday, I was on the phone with Craig.  He was asking me about CAPS and whether or not I thought CAPS might be a fit for him. 

I asked Craig a bunch of questions about his life, his passions, his expertise and his message. He told me his story. It’s an inspiring story of how a health issue robbed a young, super athlete of his future, and how he forged a new future through resilience, determination and passion.

As I was listening to Craig share his story and how it had prepared him for his current role as a leader in the field of sports safety, I was connecting the dots in my mind between Craig’s message and expertise, and how CAPS might be of value to him.

After getting to know Craig a little better I felt it would be best for him to come to his own conclusion about CAPS so I shared with him how CAPS has helped me and so many other CAPS members in the hopes that he would connect the dots for himself.

So here is what I told Craig…

As a member of CAPS we have the opportunity to learn from some of the very best in the business.  We have access to some of the top minds in the speaking world, not only across Canada, but through our association with the Global Speakers Federation, we can connect with professional speakers all around the world.

No matter what you and I are going through in our business, we know that there are others somewhere in our association that have been through it, and we know that, because of our association, they will welcome our questions and offer their own expertise and advice without hesitation.

As members of CAPS we have the opportunity to share with others our own expertise, experience and creativity.  Through that sharing we can positively impact the lives and businesses of other speakers who are finding their way through this business and leaving their own mark on the world. 

I can tell you that being engaged with members across the country and the world has forced me  to get better at what I do because each time I seize the opportunity to share by presenting at a convention, delivering a webinar are chatting with one of our members, I have to revisit my own skills, philosophies and beliefs to make sure that I am offering up my very best.

As other members share their own expertise and wisdom, I often find myself challenged by those who know more than I, those who are more experienced and those who have totally different perspectives. Those challenging moments and conversations give me the opportunity to expand my own thinking, explore new points of view and try new things.

As active and engaged members of CAPS, we all have the opportunity to grow; not only as speakers, but as leaders and as people.

CAPS gives us all the opportunity to get involved, not only at the local chapter level, but at the national, international and even a global level.

I have had the privilege of serving as chapter president twice, on the national board for the last three years, now as National President and, by extension I serve on the board of the Global Speakers Federation. These amazing opportunities are available to you too! Imagine how being a part of a community like this can impact your career and your life.

In addition to learning from other experts, increasing our own circles of influence by sharing and growing personally and professionally, as CAPS members we are always reminded that we belong to something so much bigger than ourselves.

With educational and business resources, live and virtual events, the CAPS foundation and our Peer Support Program, we all belong to a community that believes in our collective cause; a community that stands as one united family and a community that cares for our world and for one another.


This is the message I shared with Craig.

As your 2018 CAPS National President, I remind you…our valued CAPS member…that the CAPS advantage of Learn, Share, Grow and Belong is so much more than a tag line….it’s a culture that we share as an association, and a culture that brings us together as a community.

Not all CAPS members have a huge story like Craig.  But we all do have a message that we monetize through the spoken word and a passion for our great profession.

I’m Steve Lowell, and it’s my hope for you that 2018 is a year that brings you to new heights in whatever areas of life or business you pursue, and it would truly be a profound privilege to know that CAPS has played even a small roll in your success.

On behalf of the CAPS National Board and all of our members across the country, I wish you and your family all the very best!


Steve Lowell, CSP
2018 CAPS National President