How To Sustain Success: Special ALPS Mastermind exclusively for CSPs and HoFs (Starts: Thursday October 12, 2017)

Sustainability is defined “as the ability to be maintained at a certain rate or level”… a description that has relevance for the professional speaker striving for consistent business success in a lucrative, demanding industry that continues to evolve. As an established speaker and entrepreneur, you’ve experienced the highs and lows associated with this business. Realigning your business strategy to adapt to the new economy hasn’t always been easy. Maintaining your passion as you run your business, keeping a balance between the personal and professional demands that come with the territory as you bring your absolute best to your clients and audiences presents a unique set of challenges. Life on the road can be an isolating experience. Although you have your network of mentors, as well as supportive family and friends, not everyone understands the demands associated with sustaining success in this profession. This special ALPS series exclusively for CSPs and HoFs is an opportunity to regularly connect with your peers, share ideas and brainstorm solutions

Benefits of joining “How To Sustain Success: Special ALPS Mastermind exclusively for CSPs and HoFs”

  • Learn best practices from your peers as you have your burning questions answered
  • Share your “ups and downs” openly in an intimate, caring environment
  • Apply proven strategies and solutions to remain relevant in your profession<

Please review Guidelines for ALPS Participants before signing up.