Book More Business! Sales Strategies For Long-Term Growth (Starts: Thursday October 12, 2017)

In order to survive…and thrive, speakers need to view themselves as proactive business owners first. Working “in” and “on” one’s speaking business is not one and the same. Whether you hire outside salespeople, or you are operating as a solopreneur, you need to implement a process to acquire new business, maintain a pipeline of opportunities and stay connected to your clients who have hired you previously. Do you have systems in place to track leads and promote your services? Can you clearly articulate your value proposition? Are you satisfied with your negotiation and closing skills? Understanding the fundamentals required to grow your business is essential. In the absence of a sales system and/or support staff, your business is effectively “closed” every time you are on the road. This is your opportunity to learn best sales practices from your fellow ALPS participants and commit to achieving the results you desire.

Benefits of joining “Book More Business! Sales Strategies For Long-Term Growth”

  • Apply consistent sales strategies to secure more business with greater ease
  • Get re-energized as you move past buyer obstacles toward higher levels of profitability
  • Gain powerful insights (and “need to hear” truths) from your peers and start closing more sales…TODAY

Please review Guidelines for ALPS Participants before signing up.