alps-writing-that-bookWriting That Book (Starts: Tuesday April 11, 2017)

You’ve been telling yourself for as long as you can remember that it’s time to get pen to paper and write your book. The time is NOW to end the procrastination and commit to your goal. Join your peers and begin the process of creating your masterpiece. During this ALPS experience, you will have the opportunity to inspire yourself and others by collaborating on your individual book projects, develop a system that enables you to break down the writing process into manageable parts, research self-publishing and published models and move closer to your vision to become an author!

Benefits of joining “Write That Book”

  • Create your own editorial team and move forward with your writing
  • Work with like minded peers who share the same goal
  • Put an end to excuse-making and begin executing your plan

Please review Guidelines for ALPS Participants before signing up.