Up Your Keynote (Starts: Thursday April 13, 2017)

Your ability to deliver a powerful keynote presentation is arguably the best way to market yourself as a speaker. Mastering the art of connecting with your audience is an invaluable, sought-after skill…especially in the present era of digital distraction. As an expert who speaks professionally, the challenge of crafting a keynote in isolation is a reality that many of us have experienced. Fortunately, you no longer have to do it alone. Together with your fellow ALPS members, you will have the advantage of working with your peers who share similar views regarding the importance of structuring a great keynote. By meeting consistently over a specific time frame, you will learn to develop a method of preparing your keynote presentation by joining forces with your peers and sharing best practices.

Benefits of joining “Up Your Keynote”

  • Develop a repertoire of ideas to craft your keynotes for long-term success
  • Gain clarity, confidence and consistency in your presentation delivery
  • Learn strategies to organize your stories and content into a memorable signature keynote that gets you booked time and again

Please review Guidelines for ALPS Participants before signing up.