From Author to Marketer! How to Publicize and Promote Your Published or Self-Published Book (Starts: Thursday October 12, 2017)

As you bask in the afterglow of finishing your book, you realize that the next critical step is to get the word out to the world about your literary masterpiece! Books do not simply “sell themselves”. Book marketing is all about strategy. Knowing where to start once the writing process has concluded can be overwhelming. If you have just completed the task of writing your book, joining this ALPS groups is perfect timing. As you connect with fellow authors, you will discover many avenues available to effectively market your book. The CAPS community is fortunate to have many successful authors. Your ALPS group may decide to have a guest author join in on a Zoom call to share his or her experience, or you might invite a publicist on a call to provide insights and ideas on topics such as press releases, media appearances, book signings, etc.  Of course, your goal is to attract interest in your book and generate sales. Whether you are a first-time author or a seasoned book “pro”, your ALPS book “brain trust” will prove to be an outstanding experience as you contribute and learn from each other.

NOTE: This ALPS group is for members who have COMPLETED their book or are in the very last stages of writing/editing. If you aren’t ready, don’t worry. This program will be repeated!

Benefits of joining “From Author to Marketer! How to Publicize and Promote Your Published or Self-Published Book”

  • Apply consistent sales strategies to secure more business with greater ease
  • Get re-energized as you move past buyer obstacles toward higher levels of profitability
  • Gain powerful insights (and “need to hear” truths) from your peers and start closing more sales…TODAY

Please review Guidelines for ALPS Participants before signing up.