eSpeakers is a technology based service in which professional speakers have a profile listed on the CAPS and their affiliated Chapter websites as well as eSpeakers’ partner websites. This is great exposure and marketing all in one place. With an eSpeakers profile, members are able to manage every aspect of their speaking business, including scheduling, maintaining a profile and bookings.

There are different types of accounts, from a basic one to more advanced types with different options. The basic profile allows for a speaker to list a picture, bio and basic contact information so people can contact them about speaking at an engagement. More advanced profiles come with calendars, video options and media content. CAPS members receive a complimentary basic profile which you can expand on as your business grows.

There are many different types of associations who have partnered with eSpeakers as their preferred profile listing site.  Speakers bureaus, member associations and speaking agencies also access eSpeakers’ profiles. Some of these associations include Meeting Professionals International (MPI), the Global Speakers Federations and many of the GSF member associations.

Martin_LatulippeOn the CAPS website, all members with an eSpeakers profile can be seen by click on the “Looking to hire a CAPS Speakers?” icon on the home page.

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