f6c94a76-6f50-4ef1-8f51-63463e47bfcfExciting news!! Even more value for your CAPS membership is coming!

The National Board is proud to announce the launch of it’s newest initiative to benefit CAPS professional members from coast to coast and help you elevate your business (and life)!

It’s ALPS – Accelerated Learning Pods!

Phase One: Presently we are in the pilot stage and have like-minded CAPS professional members gathering together in focused learning virtual pods for a three month block of time.

Groups have one lead and are encouraged to meet (via ZOOM, or similar platform) at least six times during the three month period and will be asked to report out wins/suggestions/opportunities for improvement of the roll out of Phase Two.

Phase Two:  Roll out project nationally and open the doors for all members to learn, share, grow and belong in these interactive work groups further enhancing the concept that We are One!

Stay tuned for more information about this exiting CAPS value-ad program.

Get excited!!