Guest Presenter: Enette Pauzé

The Family Business of Professional Speaking

You might be the star of your keynote, but it doesn’t mean you are the only act when you are part of a family business. To profit or leave a legacy through your business requires strong collaborative leadership, key partnering relationships and stewardship of a cause that doesn’t belong to you. In this session, we will introduce the ‘3 Circle Model’ as a framework to help CAPS members understand the impact of family, business and ownership dynamics on long-term success. Canadian Family businesses employ 6 million+ people, contribute over 60% to our GDP, and give $1.5 billion to charity. Join the movement - bring your family members, business goals and your toughest questions.

Learning insights to lead a successful family speaking business:

  1. The 3 Circle Model

  2. Differentiating family, business and ownership perspectives and priorities

  3. Hosting family meetings (and why this is so important)

  4. Engaging your kids or other family members


  1. Do I have a family business? Yes, if there are two or more related family members actively working in the business (formally or informally).

  2. I don’t have a family business, but am considering it. Should I participate? Yes!

  3. Our business model is basic or small. Will this help? Yes! The business might be simple, but family dynamics can ramp up complexity overall.

Enette Pauzé, PhD, FEA has been a member of CAPS for more than 10 years, leading a family speaking business with her husband Sunjay Nath (who is also a long-time CAPS member) and their three young sons. Applying her expertise in leadership, business partnerships and family enterprise, she serves as a professional facilitator and business advisor to family and non-family owned companies. She is a designated Family Enterprise Advisor and holds a PhD specializing in organizational partnerships.


January 8th, 2018 12:00 PM