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Darrell Cheung

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About Darrell Cheung

If you want achieve your full potential, you’ll need to KNOW yourself first.

I help you set yourself free. It’s not me who sets you free. That’s an important distinction in the work that I do because you know yourself best. Sourcing the clarity of who you are is fundamental to being your own best version of yourself. I work with you on a one-on-one basis using three main pillars:

► TRUST: Understand how trust affects key areas of your life, including trusting yourself. Are you keeping your word to others? What about keeping your word to yourself?

► DISCOVER: I help you to deepen your awareness of what you stand for and what you want to get out of life. Let’s discover your real passions and how to leverage them in your career, your significant relationships, and your goals you want to achieve. I help you re-discover who you already are.

► WORTHINESS: I help to source your clarity as a man, asking questions such as:
• What does being a man look like in today’s world?
• How do I achieve the fullness of being a man without sacrificing my authenticity?
• How do I find the courage to celebrate being myself, being a father, being a man

Each of these pillars interacts with each other which we discuss in greater detail during our time together.